We embrace the role of “scientist-practitioner” and use a combination of science and practice to enhance the well-being and performance of our clients and their employees.

As scientists, our goal is to conduct research that is relevant, useful, and meaningful to our clients.

As practitioners, our goal is even simpler: to put this research into practice — to develop and deliver evidence-based programs and services that are founded in research, but tested in real workplaces.


The 3-hour mental health awareness training (MHAT) is one of the first scientifically evaluated workplace mental health training programs to result in changes in leaders’ behaviors, increased employee resource-use, and lower disability claim duration over time. The training provides leaders, managers, and front-line supervisors with the skills to respond to workplace mental health issues.


Designed as an interactive mobile app for leaders and employee, the MHAPP is highly customizable to meet the needs of the leaders at each of our client organizations. The MHAPP is intended to be a supplementary tool for leaders or employees who have attended training. The MHAPP is designed to help leaders recognize when employees are struggling and could benefit from support.


Effective leadership in organizations requires that leaders inspire, motivate, show concern for and involve their employees. Transformational leadership theory – the most researched and validated approach to organizational leadership – helps leaders to identify the specific behaviors they need to enact in order to attain these effects.  Using our proven methodology, we work with leaders to understand both the science behind effective leadership and how they can be more effective in leading.


The 1.5-hour coworker health awareness training (CHAT) can be delivered in person or via online webinar. Employees are educated about mental health and mental health problems, how to practice self-care to help prevent and/or manage stress, how to take action when they recognize warning signs within themselves and others in the workplace, and how to navigate short and long-term disability and return-to-work.


Is your company considering or currently implementing the National Standard?  In addition to having considerable expertise in the creation of psychologically healthy workplaces,  members of our team were part of the National Case Study Research Project, which monitored over 40 organizations implementing the National Standard over a three – year period. Through ongoing communications with these organizations, data collection (both qualitative and quantitative), and our in depth knowledge of the findings, our team can provide you with ongoing support specifically tailored to help you overcome the various challenges you can face while implementing the National Standard.


Effective management of occupational health and safety in organizations requires the active involvement of organizational leaders.  Using a combination of workshops and coaching we help leaders to identify and enact the specific behaviors that lead to better occupational health and safety outcomes.  Rooted in the experience of organizational leaders, the S.A.F.E.R. model has been validated in diverse occupational settings.

We know that choosing the right solution for your workplace is important. We work with you to understand your needs, goals and constraints and to identify practical and effective solutions.

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